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About Berntsen

Berntsen International, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of survey markers. Our markers--which are all made at our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin--are found in all 50 U.S. states, and in almost 100 countries worldwide. You can see them from the Nile River to the Panama Canal, from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia, from Madagascar to Singapore, from the bottom of Death Valley to the top of Mount McKinley. We have also created commemorative marks for many special projects over the years, including the Lewis & Clark bicentennial, the U.S. Forest Service centennial, the Center of Population project, and the Atlanta and Salt Lake City Olympics.

Founded in 1972 by Phillip Peterson and Peter Berntsen as Berntsen Cast Products, Berntsen International now has a product line of more than 100 markers and monuments, many of which can be customized. And we can imprint them in more than 1,000 languages. Our company has received multiple patents, and has been honored twice by the governor of the state of Wisconsin for new product innovation.
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About Caching Now

Because of our close ties to the survey professionals, we at Berntsen have heard many poignant, amusing, and dramatic stories about survey marks and the places where they're monumented. In 2006, we found a way to share some of those stories when we published Lasting Impressions.

Caching Now gives us an ongoing opportunity to share stories and information about survey marks, land survey professionals, and hobbyists. We hope that the cross-pollination between professionals and amateurs will benefit both groups. We want to give hobbyists fun and useful information. We also want to help surveyors understand today's GPS-based hobbies, and encourage them to use geocaching and benchmark hunting to spark the interest of young people in surveying careers.
Educators and parents are also important audiences for us. We have a regular section devoted to the use of geocaching and benchmark hunting in the classroom and in families--a fun way to introduce kids to geometry, history, geology, and many other subjects.

 The people of Caching Now

 Rhonda Rushing is the publisher and editor in chief of Caching Now. She has been the president of Berntsen International since 1990. Rhonda first became interested in broadening Berntsen's horizons beyond the professional surveying community when she began writing her book, Lasting Impressions: A Glimpse Into the Legacy of Surveying.  Rhonda received numerous photographs and stories from geocachers and benchmark hunters, several of which ended up in the finished book and sparked her desire to find out more about those hobbies.

Susan Norby is Caching Now's managing editor. She'll be choosing articles for each issue, and working with contributors (and potential contributors) to help them tell their stories Tim Klaben, Rhonda Rushing & Susan Norbyin a clear and entertaining fashion. Susan is also Rhonda's executive administrative assistant, a position she has held since 2004.
Tim Klaben is the marketing and operations manager for Caching Now. He also serves as Berntsen's marketing manager, a position he acquired in early 2007. Prior to that, Tim was a Berntsen customer service representative for six years. Tim came to Berntsen after seven years with the Walt Disney World Company®. Although he had no connection to the surveying community at that time, he distinctly remembers noticing the disks that had an image of Mickey Mouse and the wording "SURVEY MARKER." As luck would have it, he is now in the business of creating them!

Our contributors include professional land surveyors and geodesists, amateur benchmark hunters, geocachers, educators, land managers--and many combinations of those titles! Berntsen's close relationship with the surveying community allows us to bring you the expertise of some of the country's leading survey-related organizations. And building on the relationships we began with geocachers and benchmark hunters when we created Lasting Impressions, we're delighted to share with you the enthusiasm and excellent advice of these dedicated amateurs.

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