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Hot Prospects.Finding Disney World Markers in Record Heat!

 The prospect of finding a survey marker (especially one that Berntsen International made) is always exciting to me! And it was especially so this August when I went benchmark hunting in Walt Disney World. Amidst record-breaking heat (97 degrees) I was able to find 25 markers with my GPS unit. I had downloaded the waypoints for these markers from Patty Winter's Disney Benchmarks  website using a program named GSAK.

This is not the first time that I have seen survey markers at Disney World. But, I must admit that this is the first time that I had a method for finding them. In the past, I could only hope to spot a few of them as we took in all that the park has to offer. But now, I was armed with tools and a little knowledge of how to find them. Oh--and some help from a new friend, Nick Enicks!
Nick seems to know where every Disney survey marker is located. Nick is an engineer/scientist with Boeing, and an avid benchmark hunter. He seemed to wholeheartedly enjoy watching me and my husband, Bill, (photo, right) meander with our Garmin eTrex GPS unit.
Only the heat could slow us down once we got going!
Of course, most people at Walt Disney World are not wandering around looking for objects in the pavement. Despite some baffled stares, we forged ahead bravely. And, I do believe that a few more folks have now noticed these little gems --survey markers.

So, next time you are headed for Walt Disney World or Disneyland, take your GPS unit and go prospecting for these "hidden treasures." You might even get to explain what you are finding to some inquisitive strangers.


Originally published on November 15, 2007.


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