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Warning: Dry Paint!

Recently, I was able to indulge in one of my favorite vacations: Disneyland. It seems like there is always something new there and, as usual, I wasn’t disappointed. Currently, there is lots of construction going on Mickey's friends are hard at work making more fun!at the park. So, even though I was vacationing, it appears that Mickey and Minnie are working hard to make improvements in the park!

One area being refurbished is the Paradise Pier area (see photo.) There was lots of equipment moving the day I was there. While it’s disappointing, on one hand, to have an area of the theme park under construction while vacationing, it is also a rare glimpse at the “real” infrastructure of the park. Disneyland’s “magic” is built upon a strong foundation of surveying and engineering!
 Even Markers Get Painted at Disneyland!
When it comes to routine maintenance, it isn’t unusual to find “Warning: Wet Paint” signs at Disneyland—they uphold a strong commitment to maintaining the infrastructure. What I didn’t expect to see was dry paint – on a survey marker! But there it was… a very yellow survey marker engulfed in a yellow stripe on the pavement. And, since this is “the happiest place on earth” – why not?



  Originally published June, 2009

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