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The LeapFrog™ Explorer Smart Globe that I ordered as a Christmas gift arrived. Of course, I needed to be sure that it arrived in good condition and is age-appropriate for the recipient. So I opened it The LeapFrog™ Explorer Smart Globeup at the office and discovered that even kids over 40 can have fun and learn with this ingenious globe! With the touch of the “Magic Pen” on the globe you can learn thousands of facts about the world. 

One of the fun things you can do is touch the pen to two different locations and learn the distance between them. So I thought I would see how far it is from the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt to Charleston Lake Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.
You might wonder why I chose those two points! Actually, we have wonderful photos of the pyramids sent in by Thomas H. Meyer, Ph.D from a visit to Cairo (see below.) And then, in the GeoWise section of Caching Now, you will find Tim Klaben’s account of his family reunion geocaching event at Charleston Lake Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.
With two ceremonious touches of the globe I learned that these points are about 5500 miles (or 8800 kilometers) apart. For budding geocachers and geographers alike the touch of a pen might just lead to broadened travels and geocaching adventures some day!

Happy geocaching around the world!




Originally published on December 29th, 2008.


Thomas H. Meyer, Ph.D., and Associate Professor of Geodesy at the University of Connecticut recently sent us stunning photos from Egypt and writes:
Survey marker at the base of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. 
“I was in Cairo for a conference and, naturally, took a tour of the Pyramids. I found this marker by accident. I tend to just look for markers out of habit wherever I go and, voila, there was one right there at the base of the Great Pyramid of Cheops! I don’t have the lat/lon. GPS receivers were not welcome and I was told not to use one. However, Google Earth puts it at 29.980360N 31.135832E.”





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