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Some of my “best finds” in life have been “on the way” to somewhere else! I wrote about one of those finds last month – Rugby, ND. I was on the way to Spokane, WA, via Amtrak, when the train stopped in Rugby. I spotted a sign claiming it to be the geographical center of North America. Having never thought about where this center would be, it was a thrill to happen upon it. 

Another great find came to pass several years ago on the way to Disney World. While driving on Interstate 65 from Wisconsin to Florida, I spotted a sign for the “Falls of the Ohio.” I immediately Lewis & Clark bronze sculpture, Louisville, Kentuckyremembered that our company, Berntsen International, had made a commemorative survey marker for this site! So, our car made the last minute swerve that it has made so many times before to see another benchmark. 
I often see photos of just the benchmarks themselves. But, as in the case of the Falls of the Ohio, a photo of the marker simply can’t do it justice. The setting is at once quiet and out of the way, and yet with a clear view of downtown Louisville. It was a thrill to experience this juxtaposition of the setting, with the rush of the falls to complete the picture. The sun cast an amazingly brilliant glow on the bronze sculpture of Lewis and Clark. I mused at how this site has changed since that October day in 1803 when William Clark and Meriwether Lewis met there! But, it seems to me that they might have heard the same rushing sound of the falls that I was hearing. And that possibility made this yet another one of my “best finds’ on the way to somewhere else!

Continue your Caching Now journey to the Benchmark Hunting section and read where commemorative markers have been placed across the continent along Lewis and Clark’s route.

Happy geocaching & benchmark hunting!




Originally published on September 17, 2008.


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