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This is not a sign I relish seeing when benchmark hunting! Growing up in Wisconsin, I have not needed to become familiar with this form of wildlife. I am much more comfortable with the black bear that lurks around our cottage than the prospect of meeting up with a rattlesnake.

But, when a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) employee offered to lead me to a boundary marker near the visitor center in the San Jacinto Mountains, I threw caution to the wind and bravely hiked a bit to see this survey monument. Since one of my hobbies is finding and photographing markers and their surroundings, this was too good an offer to refuse!
This monument was set in a traditional manner for a BLM boundary monument. The monument is a 30” length pipe with an identifying “cap” riveted on top, and protrudes about 6” out of the ground with rocks piled around it.
Of course, many of you would rather geocache than benchmark hunt when visiting BLM lands. If you have you ever wondered if geocaching is allowed on BLM lands, please see the GeoWise section of this site this month. We have included the official policy of the agency.

Our Federal Lands are a national treasure and geocaching can provide a fun way to explore these treasures. Just make sure to respect the policies of our government agencies. Happy hunting!




Originally published on January 10, 2008

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