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New Year. New Game.

Are you a hobby photographer? Is golf your game? Are you into poker? If you are ready to try a new GPS adventure, Caching Now has a great list of new games to explore this year--all using your GPS!
Past Articles
Our Holiday Gift Guide--Part 2

We've compiled a plethora of gift ideas for every geocacher from bike and car mounts to travel bugs and CITO bags. AND we've included links to make your holiday shopping even easier!
Holiday Gift Guide-Part 1

November marks the beginning of the holiday count down and just to make sure you have plenty of shopping time, we've compiled a gift guide with plenty of ideas sure to please any geocacher on your list!
Exponential Growth Seen in GPS Applications

You may use a GPS for your work or for your hobbies but are you aware of some of these new uses for GPS technology?
GPS Augmentation: Do you Need It? Part II

In the previous issue of Caching Now, I discussed Differential GPS (DGPS) and the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). This time, we look at the expansion of DGPS, another augmentation project by the FAA, plus initiatives to implement additional GPS augmentation systems—and even separate satellite navigation systems—around the world.
GPS Augmentation: Do You Need It?

Countries around the world are developing systems to increase the accuracy of satellite-based navigation systems. Part I of this two-part article discusses Differential GPS and the Wide Area Augmentation System.
What is a "Mapping" GPS Receiver?

First, this article assumes you have at least a passing knowledge of what the Global Positioning System (GPS) is, and what a GPS receiver (GPSr) can do. You don't need to know how it works, only what it can do--which, in a nutshell, is to tell you where you are on or above the earth's surface, with the help of the GPS satellites in earth orbit. I'll be talking about the handheld GPS receivers generally used for recreational purposes such as hiking, geocaching, biking, car navigation, bench mark hunting, and so forth.

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