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New Year. New Game.
Who needs a New Years resolution with all these new GPS games from our friends at Whether you love, poker, golf, photography or cartography, or simply love your GPS and want to try a new game, here are several new GPS games to tempt you into new GPS obsessions.
MinuteWar and GeoVexilla: long-term capture the virtual flag ventures for experienced GPSers. The goal is to find virtual locations, and log them online. MinuteWar takes time and cannot be completed in an afternoon or weekend unlike geocaching.
Shutterspot: instead of posting a cache online, in Shutterspot, a photo is posted online and GPSers are challenged to finding the exact location in which the photographer stood when taking the posted picture. Like MinuteWar and GeoVexilla, accuracy and proximity are vital. This game is in its infant stage and many states don’t have any Shutterspots—so you could be the first in your state to log one!
If you are a closet cartographer or simply harbor a love of maps Geodashing may be the game for you. Randomly computer-selected Dashpoints from all over the world are posted online—with a new set for each new game. Then, the game is on to see who can be the first to find each individual Dashpoint listed for that game as well as who can be the first to find all the Dashpoints for that game. Let your competitive spirit out because points are awarded! All the better for you if you have a host of online friends scattered across the globe—you can compete as a team or an individual.
Are you always a FTF (first to find?) if so, you may love GeoPoker. A randomly computer-generated playing card is awarded to the first person to find a moving container that holds the GeoPoker log. The next location is chosen and posted online by the previous finder. At the end of fifty-two rounds, the player with the best poker hand wins. Games can last anywhere from several days to several weeks. also includes GEODASHING GOLF as one of their enticing pastimes: “Geodashing Golf is a game in which players use GPS receivers to navigate to 18 randomly placed waypoints (or 9 in a short course). Your score depends on how close you can get to each of the waypoints. The closer you get, the lower your score. Low score wins, just like real golf.”
This year, instead of making a resolution that won’t last longer than the month of January, resolve to try a new GPS game and let us know how you think it compares to the tried-and-true hobby of geocaching. Use the “contact us” button at the bottom of the page to let us know which game you tried and what you thought of your experience.

Originally published, January 2010.

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